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Motif: k-turn-2 (RM00011)

Description: Kink turn 2, 5' bulge


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Internal-loops (also termed interior loops) in RNA are found where the double stranded RNA separates due to no Watson-Crick base pairing between the nucleotides. Internal-loops differ from Stem-loops as they occur in middle of a stretch of double stranded RNA. The non-canonicoal residues result in the double helix becoming distorted due to unwinding, unstacking and kinking.

Internal-loops can be classified as either symmetrical or asymmetrical, with some asymmetrical internal-loops, also known as bulges. Many important structural motifs are composed of internal loops such as the C-loop,[1] the docking-elbow,[2] kink-turns (k-turn),[3][4] the right-angle,[5] the sarcin/ricin loops (also called bulged-G motifs),[6][7][8] the twist-up motif[9] and the UAA/GAN internal loop motif.[10]


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There are 12 PDB entires which have been used to build the motif model.

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Original order PDB ID PDB chain ID PDB Residues
2 1FFK 0 1303 - 1352
2 2GYA 0 1122 - 1175
2 1vsa w 1221 - 1276
2 1C2W B 2125 - 2162
2 3JYX 5 1338 - 1387
2 1giy A 1244 - 1298
2 1J5A A 2102 - 2161
2 2aw4 B 1197 - 1252
2 1s72 0 1305 - 1352
2 1e7k C 1 - 22
2 3cc2 0 1136 - 1215
2 2wh2 A 2134 - 2168

Family matches

There are 3 Rfam families which match this motif.

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Original order Family Accession Family Description Number of Hits Fraction of Hits Sum of Bits Image
3 RF02540 Archaeal large subunit ribosomal RNA 91 1.000 5908.2 Match Image
3 RF02541 Bacterial large subunit ribosomal RNA 99 0.971 4618.3 Match Image
3 RF02543 Eukaryotic large subunit ribosomal RNA 30 0.341 682.0 Match Image


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Literature references

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Seed source Published; PMID:19528080
Structure source N/A
Type Internal Loop
Author Gardner PP
Alignment details
Alignment Number of
Average length Sequence
identity (%)
seed 14 50.43 43

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cmbuild -F k-turn-CM k-turn-SEED
cmcalibrate --mpi --seed 1 k-turn-CM
Gathering cutoff 18.0
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