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Rfam has a total of 34 motifs. The table may be sorted by clicking on the column titles, or restored to the original order here. Go back to the browse index.

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Original order Motif ID Accession Description
0 ANYA RM00001 ANYA tetraloop
1 AUF1_binding RM00002 AUF1 binding site
2 C-loop RM00003 C-loop motif
3 CRC_binding RM00004 CRC binding motif
4 CsrA_binding RM00005 CsrA/RsmA binding motif
5 CUYG RM00006 CUYG tetraloop
6 Domain-V RM00007 Splicing domain V
7 GNRA RM00008 GNRA tetraloop
8 HuR_binding RM00009 HuR binding site
9 k-turn-1 RM00010 Kink turn 1, 3' bulge
10 k-turn-2 RM00011 Kink turn 2, 5' bulge
11 pK-turn RM00012 RNase P RNA pseudoknot kink turn
12 RBS_B_subtilis RM00013 Shine-Dalgarno sequences of the Bacillus subtilis sub-type
13 RBS_E_coli RM00014 Shine-Dalgarno sequences of the Escherichia coli sub-type
14 RBS_H_pylori RM00015 Shine-Dalgarno sequences of the Helicobacter pylori sub-type
15 right_angle-2 RM00016 Right angle motif 2
16 right_angle-3 RM00017 Right angle motif 3
17 sarcin-ricin-1 RM00018 Sarcin-ricin motif 1
18 sarcin-ricin-2 RM00019 Sarcin-ricin motif 2
19 SRP_S_domain RM00020 Signal recognition particle small S-domain
20 tandem-GA RM00021 Tandem GA/AG loop
21 Terminator1 RM00022 Rho independent terminator 1
22 Terminator2 RM00023 Rho independent terminator 2
23 T-loop RM00024 T-loop
24 TRIT RM00025 Tuberculosis rho independent terminator
25 twist_up RM00026 Twist up Motif
26 UAA_GAN RM00027 UAA/GAN Internal Loop Motif
27 UMAC RM00028 UMAC tetraloop
28 UNCG RM00029 UNCG tetraloop
29 U-turn RM00030 U-turn motif
30 vapC_target RM00031 vapC ribonuclease target
31 docking_elbow RM00032 Docking elbow of tRNA in the ribosome, RNAse P and T-box leaders
32 VTS1_binding RM00033 VTS1 binding site
33 Roquin_binding RM00034 Roquin binding motif
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